Sunday, December 15, 2019

How to Clean Your Semi Automatic Washing Machine

There is no doubt that semi automatic washing machine is gentler on fabrics, better at cleaning, has a large capacity and uses less water as compared to a front-load machine. Unlike the front loaders, they spin faster removing more water than the drying cycle. It gives its users neat and clean clothes so; it too deserves to be neat and clean.

Failing to maintain and clean your machine can lead to bacteria, germs, mold, and even bad odor. You might start seeing black bits over your laundry. Don’t confuse with any of your stain on the clothes. It actually is the dirt that you will find on the washing drum. If you’ll look closely behind the drum, you’ll notice that the drum is covered with a built-up soap layer and black mold. In this article, with my experiences, you’ll find the best and most efficient ways to clean your machine both inside and out. Not only this but how you can remove the soap layer, odor and mold effectively.

The need to clean a semi automatic washing machine

The concept of the cleaning your semi automatic washing machine seems strange to many but, it should be done regularly. The cleaning of the machine is important because:

To avoid bad odors: Certain washers are designed in such a way that they hold water in some components that becomes a ground for mild dew and mold which causes bad odors. Over a while, if the standing water isn’t washed out, you can smell the odor from your laundry too which is being washed in the machine.

To avoid the dirt marks on washed laundry: The soap and dirty marks get collected on the water line above the agitator wash bin. IF you don’t want these dirty marks to come on your clothes, you have to wipe them off from the washer.

To avoid the scaling of tubes: Water is hard in some places and contains lime. This lime gets deposited in the pipes because of which the internal ducts and pipes might get clogged, slowing down the water circulation. This increases the time of the wash cycle. If you use descaling agents like bleach, the lime components get removed and your machine performs more efficiently.

How to clean your semi automatic washer

1. Clean the Washer and Door First

Soak a few towels in white vinegar and pack the washer with them. This helps in loosening up grease or mold and even disinfects the area. After one or two hours, with a toothbrush, wipe the washer and doors. All your residue will be scrubbed off.

2. Turn your Washer to the Hottest water Setting with the Longest water Cycle and the Largest Load

Once your washer has been clean, choose the hottest water setting with the longest water cycle and largest load size.

3. Fill the Washer's Drum with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Take 1 liter of vinegar and half cup of baking soda and fill it inside the washer’s drum. If you don’t have these two ingredients, you can use oxygen bleach, chlorine bleach, citric acid, enzyme detergent or hydrogen peroxide.

4. Let the wash Cycle Run in its Full Course

While your wash cycle is running, you can clean the outside of your machine. Scrub all the dirt, splits and nooks with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

5. Run a Second wash Cycle

After the first wash cycle is over. Run one more wash cycle in which you can add a pinch of vinegar. This helps in loosening up any residue which might have been left after the first wash. Once both the wash cycles are over, leave your machine open to let it dry. This not only dries your machine but also helps in preventing mild dew.

6.Wipe the filter, Dispenser, and Other Components

This is an optional step but, I would advise you to do this as it also helps in cleaning the washing of your clothes. For this, again soak a towel in vinegar and wipe inside the lid. You can use a toothbrush to clean the inside dirt and filters. For cleaning the rim of the tub, you can scrub the top and bottom edges and all the places where you might feel the water can enter.

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